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So Residents East of I35 have started to complain about Danforth Crossing!!

70 Houses, 3 Acres of Commercial and-- 250 Apartments That means 500 Cars in and out 2-4 times a day.

New Meeting Time and Place.

May 19, May 19, 6:00 PM 6:00 PM

Edmond Downtown Community Center

28 E. Main, Edmond Oklahoma.

If enough residents don't show up to complain then you'll get whatever the owners/developers/builders can cram in there. Money is Their game, Quiet country living is why we live here. You Snooze - You Loose.

Click for Planning Commission Letter

This is Where the meetiing is going to be.


This is How it looks.



The purpose of the Commission is to review re-zonings, plan amendments, specific use permits, street and utility closings, ordinance changes as related to planning, site plans and plats. It also reviews and is the final authority on preliminary plats and deed certificates.

For more information, please contact the Planning Department at 405-359-4790.

For the Past 30+ years the City of Edmond has attempted to turn the Area Southe of Danforth and East of I35 into Profit for Developers, Builders, Banks,Politicians, Former City Officials Etc..

Arbor Creek, off Old 66 highway was almost a 24 hour a day Asphalt Plant. City leaders thought is would be a good idea.( Part of the land was owned by a former Mayor.}Stopped by filling the Council Chambers with residents against the idea.

Developer of Arbor Creek attemped to change zoning across from Sing.e Family residences to allow 351 Apartment Units. Stopped by Arbor Creek Residents. (Nice move people!)

Edmond attempted to buy excessively wide Easement along Danforth exit for water line. What they really wanted was to widen exit road to allow for more traffic.. Stopped by the knowledgeable land owner. (Thank You Ms Baley}.Covell Road interstate exchange was built instead of locating it at Danforth.

The Area designated at the Quiet Lale Zone was to allow quiet peaceful living East of I35. If Edmond is going to keep Uniformity in developments as a goal of quality living in Edmond.Then Businesses and Apartments are OUT.

Edmond's attempt at an Industrial Park, at the Covell exit was a flop. Edmond wouldn't provide roads or 3-phase electricity. It would have been up to the businesses owners to pay for all improvements. What happened was - Bonds and more Taxes to build the city's comples there instead. Therefore no businesses and more taxes. Edmond's leaders failed again.

Edmond is past the point of Diminishing Returns. Edmond now has to purchase water from Oklahoma City because it has out-stripped the water and streets are overloaded. More residents mean paying for major street overhauls, buying more water (Edmond is always on water rationing} Water wells are producing salt water (carefully read the 50 year water plan